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BUENDIO Paint Sprayer Review: 700W High Power, HVLP Spray Gun for Furniture & DIY Works (2023)

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Today I wanted to share my experience with the BUENDIO Paint Sprayer. As someone who loves tackling DIY projects around the house, I was in need of a paint sprayer that would make my life easier. The BUENDIO paint sprayer did not disappoint!

BUENDIO Paint Sprayer

Pros and Cons

What We Liked

  1. Versatile Spray Patterns: The 5 brass nozzles and 3 spray patterns allowed me to easily adjust the sprayer to meet the needs of different projects, whether it was furniture, cabinets, or walls.
  2. Upgraded Motor and Materials: The motor with temperature protection and the brass nozzle ensured durability and reliability. Plus, the double-layer insulation coat provided added safety during operation.
  3. Advanced Technology and Design: The 700W HVLP paint sprayer offered improved efficiency and enhanced spraying effects, resulting in a smooth and superior finish. The flow control knob allowed me to control the paint volume precisely.
  4. Easy to Use & Clean: As a beginner, I appreciated how easy it was to assemble and use the paint sprayer. Cleaning was also a breeze with the provided cleaning brush and needle to unclog any paint residue.
  5. Complete Package: The paint sprayer came with everything I needed, including different nozzle sizes, paint filters, a cleaning needle, and a user manual. The customer support was also responsive and helpful.

What Can Be Improved

  1. Over-spray: I noticed that the paint sprayer had a tendency to create over-spray, so it’s important to set up a spray booth or take precautions to protect surrounding areas.
  2. Learning Curve: It took a bit of trial and error to find the right spray pattern and volume setting for each project. Some patience and practice were required.

Quick Verdict

The BUENDIO Paint Sprayer is a versatile and reliable tool for any DIY enthusiast or homeowner. With its adjustable spray patterns, durable materials, and easy cleaning process, it made my painting projects much more efficient and enjoyable. Although there was a slight learning curve and some over-spray to manage, these minor issues were outweighed by the excellent results and overall value of the product. If you’re looking for an affordable and high-quality paint sprayer, I highly recommend giving the BUENDIO Paint Sprayer a try!

You can find more information about the product here.

Unboxing – What’s Inside?

I recently purchased the BUENDIO Paint Sprayer, 700W High Power, 5 Copper Nozzles & 3 Patterns, Easy to Clean, HVLP Spray Gun for Furniture, Cabinets, Fence, Garden Chairs, Walls, DIY Works etc. TPX01 Red from the Amazon website. Being an avid DIY enthusiast, I was looking for a reliable and efficient paint sprayer to tackle various projects around my home. The product arrived swiftly, taking only 2 days for delivery.

Upon unboxing the BUENDIO Paint Sprayer, I found the following items inside the box:

  • The paint sprayer unit
  • 5 copper nozzles
  • 3 spray patterns
  • Instruction manual


Here are the specifications of the BUENDIO Paint Sprayer:

  • Manufacturer: BUENDIO
  • Item Weight: 3.98 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 12.52 x 5.31 x 10.94 inches
  • Special Feature: Low Pressure, High Volume
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Style: Garden
  • Material: Copper, Plastic, Brass
  • Color: Red
  • Brand: BUENDIO


The included instruction manual, or user guide, proved to be incredibly helpful in getting started with the BUENDIO Paint Sprayer. It provided clear and concise instructions on how to assemble the different components, adjust the spray patterns, and clean the device after use. This user guide served as a valuable resource throughout my painting projects, ensuring I could use the sprayer effectively and efficiently.

If you’d like to access the user guide for the BUENDIO Paint Sprayer, you can find it here.

Features – What We Found

Versatile Spray Patterns and Nozzle Selection

The BUENDIO Paint Sprayer offers 3 different spray patterns – horizontal, vertical, and circular – allowing you to tackle a wide range of application scenarios. Whether you’re painting furniture, fences, interior walls, garage doors, or garden tables and chairs, this sprayer has got you covered. It also comes with 5 brass nozzles of varying sizes (1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm), ensuring compatibility with different painting projects.

Pro-tip: When choosing the spray pattern and nozzle size, consider the surface area you’re planning to paint. For larger areas, opt for wider patterns and larger nozzles to achieve faster coverage.

Durable Motor and Materials

The BUENDIO Paint Sprayer is equipped with an upgraded motor that incorporates a temperature protection fuse. This means that when the motor reaches a certain temperature, it automatically cuts off the power supply, extending the service life of the sprayer. Additionally, the sprayer features brass nozzles instead of plastic ones, offering superior performance and durability. The brass nozzles are less prone to damage from falls or squeezes and are less likely to get clogged. The sprayer also has a double-layer insulation coat, ensuring safe operation.

Explore the product further here.

Advanced Technology for Efficient Painting

The BUENDIO Paint Sprayer utilizes advanced technology to enhance its efficiency. With a maximum viscosity upgrade of 120 Din-s, this sprayer can handle a wide range of paint thicknesses, ensuring a smooth and superior finish. The spraying effect has also been greatly improved, making it easier to achieve professional-looking results. The flow control knob allows you to control the paint volume output, making it suitable for different projects and enabling you to cover areas that may be difficult to reach with a roller.

Easy Assembly and Cleaning

Getting started with the BUENDIO Paint Sprayer is a breeze, even for beginners. It can be easily assembled without the need for any tools, and the user manual provides clear instructions to guide you through the process. After use, thorough cleaning is crucial for maintaining the sprayer’s performance. The sprayer comes with a cleaning brush and a needle, which can be used to unclog any hardened paint residue in the nozzle. This ensures that the sprayer is cleaned easily and efficiently, ready for future use.

Pro-tip: Clean the sprayer immediately after use to prevent paint from drying and clogging the nozzle. This will help prolong the lifespan of the sprayer.

Precise Control and Paint Application

The BUENDIO Paint Sprayer offers precise control over the paint application process. With its adjustable flow control knob, you can easily regulate the paint volume, allowing for consistent and even coverage. This feature is especially useful when working on intricate or detailed surfaces where precise paint application is essential. By controlling the paint output, you can achieve professional results with minimal overspray.

This precise control is made possible by the HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) technology employed by the sprayer. HVLP sprayers atomize the paint into fine particles and deliver them at a lower pressure, minimizing wastage and overspray while maximizing paint transfer efficiency.

Our Review and More

Our Score: 87.0

I recently purchased the BUENDIO Paint Sprayer and I have been extremely satisfied with its performance. First and foremost, the spray patterns and nozzles provided great flexibility, allowing me to apply paint in various ways depending on the project. Whether I needed a horizontal, vertical, or circular spray pattern, this paint sprayer delivered consistent and even coverage.

The motor and materials used in this sprayer are of high quality, ensuring durability and longevity. The brass nozzles are superior to plastic nozzles, as they are resistant to damage and clogging. Additionally, the double-layer insulation coat provides peace of mind when operating the sprayer.

One of the standout features of this paint sprayer is its ease of use and cleaning. As a beginner, I found the assembly process simple and straightforward, thanks to the detailed manual. Cleaning the sprayer after use was also a breeze, with the included cleaning brush and needle unclogging any hardened paint. The convenience and efficiency of this sprayer cannot be overstated.

In conclusion, the BUENDIO Paint Sprayer has exceeded my expectations in terms of performance, ease of use, and durability. It has made my painting projects significantly easier and more efficient. I highly recommend this paint sprayer to anyone in need of a reliable and versatile tool for their DIY painting needs. You can find more information about the product here.

Alternatives To Go For

Looking for an alternative to the BUENDIO Paint Sprayer, TPX01 Red? Consider these similar products:

  1. BUENDIO Paint Sprayer: This paint sprayer offers a high power of 700W and comes with 5 copper nozzles and 3 patterns. It is perfect for various painting projects such as furniture, cabinets, fences, garden chairs, walls, and DIY works. The easy-to-clean design makes maintenance a breeze. You can find it here.
  2. WIBENTL Paint Sprayer WSG10A: With its 700W HVLP electric spray paint gun, this product is suitable for both home interior and exterior painting. It includes 6 copper nozzles and 3 patterns, providing versatility and precise spraying. From furniture to walls and fences, this paint sprayer can handle it all. Find it here.
  3. VONFORN Paint Sprayer VF803: The VONFORN paint sprayer is equipped with a 700W HVLP spray gun. It offers 4 nozzles and 3 patterns, allowing you to customize your painting projects. This model also comes with cleaning and blowing joints for easy maintenance. Whether you’re painting furniture, cabinets, walls, or garden chairs, the VONFORN paint sprayer can meet your needs. Find it here.
  4. BATAVIA Paint Sprayer BSG0140: If you’re looking for a paint sprayer with a larger capacity, the BATAVIA BSG0140 is an excellent choice. With its 1200ML container, it allows for longer painting sessions without frequent refills. It offers 4 nozzles and 3 patterns, making it suitable for various painting tasks. Whether it’s house painting, furniture, fences, or cabinets, this paint sprayer has got you covered. Find it here.
  5. AOBEN Paint Sprayer: The AOBEN paint sprayer features a powerful 750W HVLP spray gun and comes with 4 nozzles. Its 1000ml container allows for continuous painting without frequent interruptions. Whether you’re working on home improvement projects or outdoor painting, this paint gun is a reliable choice. Find it here.

These alternative paint sprayers offer similar functionalities to the BUENDIO Paint Sprayer, TPX01 Red. Each product comes with its own unique features and advantages. By considering these options, you can find the paint sprayer that best suits your specific painting needs.